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MKMMA week 19 I am

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a copyI am what is wrong with the world, I am also the answer to changing the world into a much better place.

I spent most of my life thinking  negatively and  I was  unaware those  thoughts (vibrating energy)  projected outward on everyone in my immediate  vicinity, the energy grows, the negativity grows, I blamed other  people for the mess my  life  was  in, until I realized I  my  own thoughts, lead to my  perceptions  which leads to my  beliefs and I  make decisions based on my own belief system.  So  what I  think today  will continue  weaving the fabric for making future decisions based on my own stinking thinking and my future life will mired in mini dramas, blame and shame,  until I decide to be  the change.

The movie I am, makes a valid point if we as humans continue down this road of searching for happiness  by buying more and more, we   want  bigger house, better cars, designer everything  and we  buy into that if we have more  than we will be  happier and we drive this economy and have more debt, we are heading for extinction.

I want happiness and harmony in all my relationships, so I will be the change, I will answer the call, I am willing to stay the course in MKMMA continue the slow process of beating my old blue print to death, fanning the  flame of my new blueprint, encouraging her to step forth and be the change  in my immediate world  with infectious positivity and happiness rippling  outward, to start I am throwing all this stuff I don’t need, keeping my old car and shrinking my footprint.

Who wants to join me?a copy

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