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Know Your Value


Ok, when was the last tme you looked in the mirror and affirmed your value? I guess it has been awhile, it has been for me.

Most people would say these right along with me correct!

I am beautiful

I am valuable

I am both a masterpiece and a work in progress.

I am an overcomer.

Everytime I look in the mirror, I should see me truth, reflecting back at me.

Knowing we have the ability to think, and those thoughts lead to beliefs, that lead to behaviour, which leads to actions.

That is the life you lead today, all from one little thought.

We create our own value, beauty, dignity and purpose. You wouldn’t undermine your greatness nor overcompensate to prove you are worthy.

Think back to a time where you stayed in a toxic relationship or compromised your standards to appease someone else, times you tried to fit in, because you were to afraid to stand out and be your authentic self.

Maybe you compromised your value because you needed to rely on external factors like wealth, popularity, body shape and status to validate your worth.

When I don’t understand my value, I settle for less.

So, I now pursue my dreams without apology, cling to my beliefs, and assert my personal boundaries out of respect for myself, that is knowing my own value.

But those thoughts need to be brought under subjection as you develope a new way of thinking about yourself.

Know your value

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Author: Roz

Certified Guide at Master Key Experience........ 32 years in the Health Care field...... College degree in Business

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