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MKMMA-21-The Prayerful Thought


DSC06038-BWFew people know how to pray.  Prayer falls under the spiritual laws that are definite, scientific, exact and operates with immutable decision.

Thought creates impressions on the brain, impression creates mental tendencies, and these tendencies create character, ability and purpose and the combined ACTION of character, ability and purpose determines the experiences attracted to us in life, we have total control of how we choose our life to unfold, how cool is that, I dream, I believe, I choose, I become everything I want to attract in my life.  Seems easy but it is hard mental work that is why so many choose to conform to what everyone else is doing and live a mediocre life.

It is boring, dull and habitual BUT safe.

If you could choose, why would you want safe over exciting, breath taking and alive, because fear has us paralyzed.  Does it have you paralyzed into conformity? Looking back over my life, there is one time I chose the hero’s journey, yes it was scary, but I never felt more alive.  I don’t want to live my few remaining years bored out of my skull.

So I extend my times in the sit, for that is the method of reaching an awakening and then finding and unleashing that potential power of the world within.

Most people who hear about the Master Key course become excited or just a little curious, but honestly some people don’t, they would rather spend years in a dead end job, relationship and complain about how their life is always the same,  filled with mini dramas, watching t.v or playing video games instead of taking a look at a course that will fill every waking minute with pure bliss and joy.  What will you choose? Ready to be the hero of your own life.



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Author: Roz

Certified Guide at Master Key Experience........ 32 years in the Health Care field...... College degree in Business


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