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MKMMA- KIndness week 16


The kindness movement is taking all of us in the master key course by storm. I love reading all the posts, so many acts of random kindnesses.  The best are secret ones, cleaning lunchrooms at work unseen or putting all the grocery cars back in order for the parking lot attendant, just making someone’s job easier. The feeling bubbles up inside me I feel like giggling, I feel like I know a secret!

A secret that is a cause, thought I control creates my own kind world within me, and those kind powerful thoughts pour out through me on to others. So it creates the kind world I envision, I can make a huge change in my immediate life.  I am smiling as I write, I feel great. Small things make a huge impact.  Peace, contentment and finding a great place to sit and think with a view.

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Author: Roz

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