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MKMMA week 14-Answering the Call


I can see the light

I can see the light

The movies Wild, Rudy, October Sky were quite the tear jerkers for me, but they were also inspiring.

All based  on true stories, strangely  I felt a real connection to the character of Cheryl Strayed, such determination and true grit( her blistered and bloody feet, losing toe nails) I still cringe thinking about how painful that would be. It is so apparent that taking on that obstacle is only accomplished one step at a time instead of looking at the miles left to walk when you are standing  at the starting point. At one point very ingenious to improvise hiking boots out of sandals and duck tape. Of course her mastermind is the other hikers who encourage her to push on, by their own success or failures, she recognizes what her limits are,but by the half way point is growing and becoming a person her mother would be proud of and we get to watch and cheer her on.  This has strong similarities to the MKMMA course, as we struggle, learn  and re-examine what we want in our lives  and how bad we want a new reality , the new blueprint starts to emerge, a little at a time just like sunlight peaking through the clouds we catch a glimpse of  our  future selves. Bravo my courageous classmates we are making history.

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  1. Congratulations on your efforts as well, it’s obviously paying off.

  2. Congrats to you as well – we are blessed to all be on this journey together and to have each other for support. Happy new year Connie

    • thanks – absolutely from the heart, I am wondering where I have been all my life to be just learning this now, so grateful to MKMMA course for redirecting my thoughts to create my bliss.

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