My Master Key Experience

MKMMA week 15- Believe


So what is the key to success.  Thinking is the key to success, thoughts about who you are, thoughts about what you want to achieve, all positive thoughts  leads to success.

Thoughts lead to action, it is evident that thinking desirable thoughts lead to desirable conditions.

It is with words we express our thoughts, I have not given previous thought to my choice of vocabulary, do I choose positive words, or do I choose my words based on who I am hanging out with, yes we all have friends who are fond of profanity, mini dramas of their lives always in chaos.  The language is always, let say colourful,  in describing the event du jour and  if my opinion is asked for, in the past I would have chimed in to kick his sorry behind to the curb.(this is the cleaned up version profanities withdrawn)

Now I am pondering, if I give wise council,  positive council with a great choice of words to create seeds of change in my friends mind could that change the outcome of her thoughts, beliefs and finally the outcome  of her life.

Desired Thoughts

Desired Thoughts


I believe I could give no greater gift to all that I love.

Bliss you




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  1. How simple yet powerful. Great job D!

  2. Your reference to profanity was a really good illustrations of words. Not that I have not resorted to using them on occasion myself, but I find that if people use them constantly they certainly lose their emphasis. I would joke that if you had to use them at all, try to discuss things rationally, but if you did swear always use it as a last result and that it emphasized that you were really upset and also done with the discussion!! If you only use harsh words once in a while, if you do use them, people will know you are really upset and gone too far!! No doubt about it! LOL

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