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MKMMA week 20- Alive


  • This week has been up and down and turned inside out, I must confess I did sneak a peek at my old blueprint, and decided I don’t want to live like that anymore, but when I look ahead it is scary. My inspiration came from a hump day call with my tribe from the MKMMA class, and  fellow mastermind  alliance classmate suggested I watch a movie called water.  It was fascinating to  know water has a molecule structure, yup I  did not know that, and that the water coming out of my tap is dead, because the molecule structure is damaged due to treatment.  But molecule structure is restored when water is frozen, yes do drink water  that has been thawed it is ALIVE.  The scientist also found the molecule structure was more complex and larger in water that has positive thoughts vibrated over it before it was frozen.  The best thoughts that were labelled on the water and  infused with vibrating thoughts were  the words LOVE and GRATITUDE .  Aha moment, now you could drink water that is alive with all that matters in this world. The water that fills every cell in your body, heart and soul. Now that could ripple happiness into the world. Everybody raise your glass!pablo (3)

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Author: Roz

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