My Master Key Experience

MKMMA week 23- The Law of Least Resistence



Three words, acceptance, responsibility and defencelessness.

I practice acceptance.  Today, I accept people, situations, circumstances and events as  they occur, last night I picked up my daughter in a rageing blizzard, praying I would make it through non plowed roads  to safety , the universe delivered, we are safe.  The universed also delivered compassionate neighbors who plowed my driveway, I do not struggle against the moment, I accept things as they are in this moment.


I practice responsibility. I take responsibility for my situation and all those events I see as problems are really opportunites in disguise and this alertness allows me to take this moment and transform it to  GREATER BENEFIT.


I practice defencelessness. Today I relinguish the need to defend my point of view, oh boy this is tough, Mark is right  it is the mental diet on steroids. I remain open to all points of view and am not rigidly attached to any one of them. When trying to show empathy to a friend and I hear them use victim language just like me, before the master key experience, I remember they have not be introduced to controlling your mind and emotions and creating that new life.  So I choose to remain neutral and ask how they are feeling, offering to help with errands, so they may take the time to stop and mediatate on the future.


Applying and living each day with, acceptance, responsibility and defencelessness, this is where the rubber meets the road. This is the mother of all skills. I have faith in you, so lets do it now.



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Author: Roz

Certified Guide at Master Key Experience........ 32 years in the Health Care field...... College degree in Business


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