My Master Key Experience

MKMMA- week 24-Commencement


The sheep who conformed to that stinking mediocre life is gone.



She enrolled in the Master Key Experience six months ago.  What do I see as I look at that gal in the glass, a gal that is kinder, more compassionate, calmer and willing to give so much more than before, a gal who is amayzed as the laws of the universe grow, and attract inexplicable events, people and miracles into my inner world. Everyday is a wow experience with a  real and authentic connection with loved ones, friends and friends I haven’t met yet, a gal who laughs alot and is always smiling.

carl shooting

Now, it is time to pursue my passion, take what I have learned and generate my own ripples of happiness into my small part of the world.  Who knows what the effect will be, always Dream, Believe and Become. Wake up and live.



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  1. hey Roz – you are spreading happiness – I enjoyed our talk and look forward to more. Is this the blog you mentioned I should read? Hope so. I enjoyed hearing the change in you and how you will change the lives of others. Connie

  2. Roz,
    Dropped by to see more of you and read the blog. I heard the bell go off in my head when I sat the words “Wake up and live.” that is exactly what the class started in me. I found so many of the words used were really bread crumbs to live a life of Greatness. I keep searching and doing and being more Aware and in the present. finally realized the Big Secret has been exposed for thousands of years in all cultures and in thousands of books and media now. The Power we need to break away from ALL body, mind and Spirit suffering in life is in the “now, Present moment” I could write a book on what I found. The experience I live leaves me without adequate words to explain.


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