My Master Key Experience

MKMMA week 6-


I am mastering the art of concentration, it s quite a challenge . I sit and concentrate perfectly still on my definite major purpose, my mind wanders I fantasize about looking over the coast of Greece, I am sitting on a terrace, I know where that idea is coming from, I wrote it in my press release, but my mind is wandering, I need to focus. More attempts at sitting still, my nose is itchy, I  do not move, I push through and now my feet are falling asleep, I do not move, now tonight I must stare at a photo  and then re-create the picture in my mind, every detail. This art of concentration will   allow me to control my thoughts, and since thoughts are causes, conditions must be effects, if I can control  the cause I can also control the effects.

Today the new scroll is about love, so I decide to think of love all day and concentrate in putting the scroll into play today all day. I am focused.  As I pass strangers in he street I think to myself “I love you” and I smile at them, sometimes I say good morning, the reactions are much different then before I can feel the warmth of the smiles I receive back, yes I am in the flow of giving and receiving.

I had a conversation with a total stranger regarding self limiting beliefs and the ability to trust yourself. This is almost surreal. I talk to my fellow students and we are on the same page, but for total strangers to see, believe and encourage these thoughts, well thought is powerful and already flowing from me and to me.

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  1. That’s astonishing you managed to talk about such things with a total stranger. What an achievement. I’ve been talking more to strangers and semi-strangers, but not that kind of subject (yet)!

  2. That’s funny because I have been having the same challenge, But I notice that I’m able to do it a little bit longer each time without losing focus.

  3. Amazing Roz, Your changing right before our eyes. Love the changes we see. BeBlessed – Darren

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