My Master Key Experience

MKMMA week 8


After listening to the big call on Sunday night, I realized I have the wrong PPN’s. I am having trouble linking colour and shapes to those old PPN’s, I tried memorizing shapes to link my pivotal needs, but it was not effortless and  still very difficult, so on the big call , I heard about self loathing and self pity regarding a lifetime of  battling my weight. Yes,  that struck a so familiar feeling. I changed my PPN’s yesterday, and yikes, I realize this has been the biggest self limiting belief I have been dragging around for years. I now see a pattern in the old blueprint that is very ugly, but I know those old nasty peptides were getting their fix.

I have also recorded my BPB without the Baroque music, just doesn’t work without it, so new recording coming up. Today as I drove to work I saw   many red circles on buildings that I  did not see  earlier in the week, that I have driving  by for years. I have taken the  same route to work for 28 years.  I think I was comatose most mornings, but not now I laugh when I see a red circle and say one of my PPN’s out loud, it is becoming a game every day on my drive to work.

This is effortless, so now my DMP is being re-written.

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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like your starting to hold the magnifying glass more still. You helped trigger something for me — when this stuff becomes effortless, it’s most likely a good fit.

  2. That’s great that you found your PPN’s, I had a similar thing happen to me. I recognized my PPN’s were off about three weeks ago from a little help from my guide, and ever since then, I noticed a huge change.

  3. Awesome! When you live for you and not what you think you want because of living for someone else it is wow time.

  4. Self Discovery….what a powerful and rewarding thing! You are full of Greatness my friend!

  5. Roz, Kudos to you for recognizing and be willing to change your PPN’s and DMP.. Nicely written piece with lots of personality in it.


  6. You are on your way! Keep up the good thoughts my friend !

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