My Master Key Experience

MKMMA week 8


After listening to the big call on Sunday night, I realized I have the wrong PPN’s. I am having trouble linking colour and shapes to those old PPN’s, I tried memorizing shapes to link my pivotal needs, but it was not effortless and  still very difficult, so on the big call , I heard about self loathing and self pity regarding a lifetime of  battling my weight. Yes,  that struck a so familiar feeling. I changed my PPN’s yesterday, and yikes, I realize this has been the biggest self limiting belief I have been dragging around for years. I now see a pattern in the old blueprint that is very ugly, but I know those old nasty peptides were getting their fix.

I have also recorded my BPB without the Baroque music, just doesn’t work without it, so new recording coming up. Today as I drove to work I saw   many red circles on buildings that I  did not see  earlier in the week, that I have driving  by for years. I have taken the  same route to work for 28 years.  I think I was comatose most mornings, but not now I laugh when I see a red circle and say one of my PPN’s out loud, it is becoming a game every day on my drive to work.

This is effortless, so now my DMP is being re-written.

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Author: Roz

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