My Master Key Experience

February 6, 2016
by Roz
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MKMMA week 19 I am

a copyI am what is wrong with the world, I am also the answer to changing the world into a much better place.

I spent most of my life thinking  negatively and  I was  unaware those  thoughts (vibrating energy)  projected outward on everyone in my immediate  vicinity, the energy grows, the negativity grows, I blamed other  people for the mess my  life  was  in, until I realized I  my  own thoughts, lead to my  perceptions  which leads to my  beliefs and I  make decisions based on my own belief system.  So  what I  think today  will continue  weaving the fabric for making future decisions based on my own stinking thinking and my future life will mired in mini dramas, blame and shame,  until I decide to be  the change.

The movie I am, makes a valid point if we as humans continue down this road of searching for happiness  by buying more and more, we   want  bigger house, better cars, designer everything  and we  buy into that if we have more  than we will be  happier and we drive this economy and have more debt, we are heading for extinction.

I want happiness and harmony in all my relationships, so I will be the change, I will answer the call, I am willing to stay the course in MKMMA continue the slow process of beating my old blue print to death, fanning the  flame of my new blueprint, encouraging her to step forth and be the change  in my immediate world  with infectious positivity and happiness rippling  outward, to start I am throwing all this stuff I don’t need, keeping my old car and shrinking my footprint.

Who wants to join me?a copy

January 30, 2016
by Roz

MKMMA-week 18- Knowledge

hb3My virtue this week is specialized knowledge, seems I am noticing the new work process, how to manuals in my immediate world of new computer system and the hands on mechanism of a new snow blower.I authentically complimented a coworker on her excellent phone skills, she said thanks but came back to me 2 days later , to tell me how special those words made her feel, give more get more.   The universe delivered me a huge kindness, the snow blower dealership came to my house, fixed my snow blower and completely cleaned my snow filled driveway, I feel so blessed to drive in a clean driveway after work, well it is a feeling I can hardly describe, well yes I can I got out of my car and jumped up and down like  a little kid.  I could just kiss him. Living in a way that has you loving, giving and helping others  in any way you can , well it gives a smile from ear to ear. I marvel at this new life I have found, I believe in me, my new life  and I am bursting with gratitude for finding Mark and Davene and this strangest secret learned in the MKMMA course.

Do you want to know the secret?

January 23, 2016
by Roz

Week 17 -The Hero’s Journey

100_4073It seems this week virtue I am searching for and video message  go hand in hand. Courage and stepping into the Hero’s Journey(answering the call) I am feeling inspired, moving towards living my god  given purpose for my life. Persistence and concentration, are my new best friends. The drills are becoming just what I do, part of my daily life. But they are not routine they are a new experience daily, because different ideas bubble  up to my conscious, always after the sit.  I imagine my future self and she is becoming familiar,  someone I remembered from a long time ago, but now she is wise, positive and an influencer of her own future life.  Yes someone from your past steps back into your life as your future self, laughter, joy and peace reign, there is nothing like it.

  • If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage
  • If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance
  • If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health

When you get to the heart of things it is comparatively easy to understand them and command them.

January 12, 2016
by Roz

MKMMA- KIndness week 16

The kindness movement is taking all of us in the master key course by storm. I love reading all the posts, so many acts of random kindnesses.  The best are secret ones, cleaning lunchrooms at work unseen or putting all the grocery cars back in order for the parking lot attendant, just making someone’s job easier. The feeling bubbles up inside me I feel like giggling, I feel like I know a secret!

A secret that is a cause, thought I control creates my own kind world within me, and those kind powerful thoughts pour out through me on to others. So it creates the kind world I envision, I can make a huge change in my immediate life.  I am smiling as I write, I feel great. Small things make a huge impact.  Peace, contentment and finding a great place to sit and think with a view.

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January 7, 2016
by Roz

MKMMA week 15- Believe

So what is the key to success.  Thinking is the key to success, thoughts about who you are, thoughts about what you want to achieve, all positive thoughts  leads to success.

Thoughts lead to action, it is evident that thinking desirable thoughts lead to desirable conditions.

It is with words we express our thoughts, I have not given previous thought to my choice of vocabulary, do I choose positive words, or do I choose my words based on who I am hanging out with, yes we all have friends who are fond of profanity, mini dramas of their lives always in chaos.  The language is always, let say colourful,  in describing the event du jour and  if my opinion is asked for, in the past I would have chimed in to kick his sorry behind to the curb.(this is the cleaned up version profanities withdrawn)

Now I am pondering, if I give wise council,  positive council with a great choice of words to create seeds of change in my friends mind could that change the outcome of her thoughts, beliefs and finally the outcome  of her life.

Desired Thoughts

Desired Thoughts


I believe I could give no greater gift to all that I love.

Bliss you