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I am sitting on a lovely terrace overlooking the ocean on Salt Spring Island. I am being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. The aroma of the espresso coffee gently wafts through the air, as I stare at the glittering caps of waves crashing against the shore.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of my creation utube channel Divinity  Support Care, it is a world wide  counselling program, of which I am the founder.

I seem lost in a trance as Jimmy snaps his fingers before my eyes, “Hey are you listening” I drag my stare away from the Pacific Ocean  and lock on to his eyes, and I say “I am so grateful to be present  in this very minute, of time” I am learning to savour each moment.

How did all this start? I believe this is an act of the Divine Intelligence otherwise known as God.  Years ago,  I wanted  to change my life, I hated feeling victimized but had no idea on how to make it happen or what to do. Then an angel ( friend at the time) introduced me to MKMMA, a course like no other, I could feel changes taking place within even though I struggled with the material and the assignments, thinking back I feel the wave of  emotion, my eyes feel with tears and my voice is thick with emotion.  I whisper,  I believe that day saved my life, the positive  person emerged  and killed the negative, irresponsible and  blaming others one. I am  so blessed to be alive I could just kiss the ground in  gratitude. Yes, I have not only survived I am flourishing happy and joyful, and I want everyone to feel this good.

Just now the waitress walks by, her long black shiny hair bounces around her shoulders, she gives us a big smile, she radiates love for all, I recognize that  feeling, because like attracts like.   I am grinning.  I tell Jimmy, I feel so passionate about helping others it is like my soul is on fire.

Jimmy ask “What gave you the idea?” , well lets say I have come through the fire and I can speak from experience. This sounds  like it was awful, I can honestly say, I am living proof of how disaster or a crisis can give you a whole new wonderful life, like nothing you could have dreamed of, and continues to get  better  every day.

Jimmy then asks”How did you get started?” That is a funny story, the MKMMA course instructed us to believe in the Law of attraction and being in the flow of giving and receiving, I was doing the exercises, digging deep as Mark would say, and mentioned in bible study class how I  would like to start a support group for newly single women.

I felt  I  could help them embrace the new journey, five people just jumped at the chance to help me and the very next day at church, Pastor confirmed we would start in January and they would be held at our new church. All Nations new church is a green church and streams the sermon every Sunday, that reaches over 130 countries. Yes, that was the beginning as I think back, yes definitely the beginning. The  Law of Attraction, just dropped that in my lap, so to speak, and the abundance just kept coming to fill every corner of my life. I am a rich person in  my relationships, love, peace and harmony with all, fulfilling my ppns of Liberty  and Helping Others.

Jimmy seems like he is pondering the next question, “Why concentrate on the newly single women I am sure there are so many other women issues you could help with, why narrow your scope and only help so few?

My story, is an excruciatingly painful one, I was lost and fumbling around in the dark, made many mistakes and am still living the consequences of those actions. I want to help others in that position, just because I believe I have found my  own Hero’s Journey  and I believe I have something to offer.  I have worked this course and I healed my own pain I know what  others  are  feeling, my heart breaks for them  and I want to show them the way to a better place.

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